Carlos Monteiro interviews Marcelo Coelho, Principal at Mercado Pago a company part of the Mercado Livre Group, talks about online payments and the general landscape of the e-commerce payment and payment gateways in Brazil.

Gabriel and Daniel, founders of Viking Labs, a coding agency, are two successful Brazilian Entrepreneurs. They talk about the challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in Brazil.

Ricardo Ramos, the CEO of Precifica, an up and coming startup in Brazil, focused on helping online retailers run profitable operations by adjusting their prices according to the market demands shared some of his knowledge with Denmark Brazil and talked about innovation, e-commerce, challenges and opportunities and much more.




Rolf is the Country Manager at Exact Invest Brazil, a Danish Venture Capital firm investing in Brazilian tech startups.

The Brazilian architecture and design market surely represent a huge potential for Danish architecture offices. But what are the restrictions when Danish companies come to Brazil? Can they use all the creative potential they want in a project?

Are there many barriers and restrictions? How about the opportunities and the future of cities in Brazil? These and other questions will be answered today by Marcelo Maia Rosa, partner of Andrade Moretin, a major architecture and design office in São Paulo, Brazil.


This Interview I did back in 2013 with Antonio Pimentel. At the time Antonio was the Engagement manager at Mckinsey & CO in Brazil and we had a brief conversation about the TELECOM landscape in Brazil, opportunities, and challenges for international companies and providers looking to tap into the Brazilian market.

You are welcome to visit Antonio’s Linked In profile here:


Leonardo Arozena former director of Bronzearte, the second largest importer, and distributor of lighting products, told me that end-customers in Brazil did not care much to lighting products when they had to visit a shop to buy supplies to refurbish their homes.

Leonardo adds that this picture is rapidly changing for a number of reasons. He believes that the main reason is the income expansion Brazil has experienced over the past years, which allows people to be worried about other things besides their very basic needs.

Brazil in the eyes of Thiago Babo:

Thiago Babo is a political and international relations advisor. He works for CEIRI, which stands for Centro de Estratégia e Relações Internacionais. Today he will be sharing his view of the Brazilian Market, the Brazilian business environment, and opportunities and challenges existent in Brazil. Moreover, Tiago will comment about the recent visit that Brazil received from the Trade and Investment Minister, Pia Olsen Dyhr, who recently signed a memorandum with the Brazilian government to increase the co-operation and trade between the two countries within the pharma, energy e chemical sectors.

Last but not least Thiago comments about the importance of not only the public sector promote business meetings.