This is the new article I have written for the Copenhagen Post. A Copenhagen-based newspaper, mostly addressed to foreigners living in Denmark.

If you are the type that likes to blame society for your failures, please don’t bother reading it through. If, however, you like to engage in a constructive discussion, I would love to hear your comments, and also suggest you to check and support Foreignerd.

Foreignerd is a independent initiative that seeks to find and tell  inspiring stories from “real” foreigners living in Denmark.

Asger Aamund, your show could be so much better!

Tired old stereotypes!
I write to you as I have followed a DR TV series in which you partake on a journey to understand some of the reasons why Danish integration programs in this country have failed.

You follow a handful of foreigners who are all finding it difficult to get a job in Denmark. I don’t blame them. But it seems that you are following the same old negative story path and a quite stereotypical image of how foreigners are helpless people.

More success stories
I’m wondering what would happen if you and DR dared to show foreigners who are succeeding in this country. Because they do actually exist. And also non-westerners. Couldn’t it be interesting to see what actions, tactics and type of personality these foreigners have in common?

I am a foreigner from Brazil who has spent almost three years in Denmark, and no, it has never, ever been an easy path here. I was never helped by anyone but my supportive families here in Denmark and in Brazil.

Looking back, I would have loved to know some of these stories: of how other foreigners managed to think outside of the box, and also outside of the Danish integration system.

I believe there is a need to hear and see the stories of all kinds of foreigners. We all need them as role models and an inspiration. What we don’t need is one more lifted finger from a well-respected Dane.

Highly motivational
I’m not alone in this viewpoint. Foreignerd is a project initiated by a Dane who I know well (my wife), whose mission is to share the stories of Denmark-based ordinary foreigners with spectacular stories.

These stories of successful foreigners can inspire, motivate and, ultimately, contribute to a better and richer society, which I believe is in the interest of both you and I.

For all foreigners looking for some inspiration, I highly recommend you take a look at the Foreignerd Facebook page.

My name is Carlos Monteiro.

I’m the CEO and founder of Biassa. Biassa is a Business development company focused in Connecting, Developing and Growing High Performing Tech Companies in Brazil & the LATAM markets. Biassa was born out of a small blog, called denmarkbrazil.com where I shared interviews and insights about the Brazilian market.

I’m also a Foreigner in Denmark, and as such, I believe we have to take responsibility for ourselves, and find ways to be independent, entrepreneurial and creative in the society we live in.

You are lost welcome to drop me a line at cm@biassa, to follow my column at the Copenhagen Post or the articles I write about Brazil and the Brazilian market here on Linked In.

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